24th March 2017

Southsea deckchairs find their way to LA for film nights

We’re delighted to have our deckchairs used by the lovely people over at Rooftop Film Club for their film screenings. Southsea deckchairs travelled over 5,000 miles over land and ocean to reach their destination at the The Montalban in L.A., and by the looks of it they’re being put to very good use.

Rooftop Film Club screen hand-picked movies ranging from cult classics to brand new releases to ensure that each night is an unforgettable experience. Not only that, they also supply their guests with wireless headphones, adjustable deckchairs, and a backdrop of sparkling stars as all movies start at sunset. What a wonderful way to enjoy your favourite films!

(Photo Courtesy of Rooftop Film Club)

24th March 2017

The Thing at Snow Factor

We are beyond honoured and proud to have had our deckchairs used for an event as incredible as the Snow Factor at the Glasgow Film Festival. The organisers did a fantastic job putting on a brilliant show in such cold conditions, and we'll certainly be on the lookout for any future plans they have!

26th February 2016

Mr Selfridge

Did any of you see our lovely parasols and deckchairs on Mr Selfridge last Friday, 19th February. They looked stunning and very in keeping with the era. We made these last year, but could not show you until the programme went out. You could also just see our Edwardian deckchair in the back ground.

18th February 2016

Interior Fabric

These lovely chairs have been given a new lease of life thanks to our beautiful Interior Fabric being used to reupholster them. We think they look fabulous and very stylish. Do you have a piece of furniture that you could give a second life to? Our fabric is perfect for any interior use. See our range of stripes and plain interior fabrics. These chairs have been covered in IF02.